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Help Us Reimagine Our Schools

The School Reimagining Task Force Is Ready To Go!


There is a magical moment toward the end of Yom Kippur, when the seriousness of the Neilah service gives way to the celebration of Havdalah. This transition is not directed by our Rabbi, cantors or board president. Our school children are the ones who lead the way. One by one they slowly walk toward the bimah, each holding a candle to light the path ahead, as they move us from contemplating the past toward optimism about the possibilities of the upcoming year. In this moment our students remind us that they will ultimately be the leaders of our community. It is also a reminder that it is our responsibility to provide them with the enthusiasm, support and tools to march toward their Jewish futures.


At Kol Ami we are fortunate to have not one but two vibrant schools that are doing this. They show our children their place in our 3,000 year history, connect them to a community that spans the globe, engage them in debates over what it means to be an ethical person, encourage them to act against injustice, teach them how to be inclusive, accepting and egalitarian, and instil a unique way to express themselves through song, ritual and prayer. We are proud of what our schools’ accomplish and how our children continue to flourish under their guidance.


We now have a unique opportunity to bring all of our children together under one educational and congregational roof. Not only can we combine the strengths of our schools but we can build something that is greater than the sum of its parts. While we might be invested in a particular vision of what this school might be, our collective imagination, experience and motivation will fashion something far greater than any one person can achieve on their own. Together we can create a school that will provide our children with Jewish knowledge, experience and pride. Together we can create a school that will be unique, exceptional and emulated by others. Together we can create a school that will strengthen our shul, community and progressive Judaism in York Region. Together we can create a school our children will love and in which they will continue to thrive.

It is in this spirit of collaboration, openness and creativity that we are asking Kol Ami congregants and school parents to join one of the six subcommittees of the Kol Ami School Reimagining Task Force to help us tackle this important and rewarding task. We are looking for people with the appropriate skills and experience to join the following subcommittees:

  • Curriculum/School Model – rethink what students learn and how they learn it
  • Youth and B’nei Mitzvah – integrate the B’nei Mitzvah and youth programs into the school structure and experience
  • Marketing – design a strategic, comprehensive and original marketing plan for the school
  • Location/Space – ensure we have the necessary and appropriate space for the school and its associated activities
  • Communications – engage with parents throughout the process and provide regular updates on the Task Force’s progress
  • Finance – ensure that the school is financially viable and as self-sufficient as possible

These committees will come together periodically to update each other on their progress and help create our collective vision. Our first meeting will be on November 20.


If you have any questions or would like to be involved in any of the above subcommittees or in any other way please contact Dana Glickman ( or Saul Cohen ( We are very excited to begin the process!


Saul Cohen, Dana Glickman, Caryn Silver and Stacey Whiler (the Executive of the Kol Ami School Reimagining Task Force)


Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779