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Kol Ami: A Welcoming and Inclusive Jewish Community in York Region


Musical and Engaging Prayer
Kol Ami is a wonderful place to pray. Our services are participatory, and a mix of Hebrew and English. Come join us and discover a whole new way to approach Jewish spirituality.

Lifelong Jewish Learning
Kol Ami is a community of learners. Join us for weekly Torah Study, weekly Talmud group, great classes with Rabbi Cohen and other excellent teachers, and guest teachers from the GTA, across North America, and Israel.

Hebrew School
Kol Ami has a wide array of learning opportunities for children and youth.

An Inclusive Community
Kol Ami is a small, intimate community where you can know others and be known. A family who pray, sing, celebrate, and mourn together.

Kol Ami is a congregation where all are welcome!


B’ruchim HaBaim – B’ruchot HaBaot! – Blessed are all who enter here!

In a world that often seems frightening and lonely, Kol Ami provides a warm, caring and nurturing place for people to meet and connect. We are not just a synagogue - a religious place, but a family that supports one another in good times and difficult times. We come together to pray and sing, to celebrate and to learn. We are an inclusive, welcoming, diverse community, where everyone can find a place, where everyone’s voice is heard.

Kol Ami means “voice of my people” - and this is a community where your voice matters!

-Rabbi Lori Cohen

Please check the weekly HaShavua email for services, programs, events and the links to attend.







Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784