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Kol Kodesh

Kol Kodesh: The Voice of Holiness
A Campaign to Restore our Torah Scrolls
5774 - 2013


Talmud Torah k'negged kulam - study of Torah is among the highest of our Jewish religious obligations. Our Torah scrolls are at the heart of our identity as a Jewish community, and it is our obligation to care for them. This is the case with all of our Torah scrolls, but particularly with our Czech scroll, which survived the Holocaust, and which has been entrusted to us to preserve the legacy of a community that was destroyed.



The restoration of a Torah scroll is not only the fulfillment of a communal obligation; it is an opportunity for learning and spiritual growth for the entire congregation. To this end, we are pleased to be able to engage the noted Sofer (Scribe) Neil Yerman to participate with our congregation in a process of education and Torah restoration. Throughout 5774, Sofer Yerman will visit our congregation a number of times, to provide learning opportunities for every member – young and old - and to perform the necessary restoration work on our Torah scrolls.

Thank you to our Kol Kodesh supporters!


Mashivim - Restorers ($1800+)


Sheila and Ralph Cincinatus, In memory of family members who perished in the Holocaust

Barbara and Sam Frisz, In memory of our parents, Mary & Heinz Hinnecke and Szulim & Szandla Frisz

Howard and Marlene (z"l) Gotlib, In memory of Rose & Lou Gotlib and Lou & Essie Berman

Ron and Gina Lapsker

Elaine Page, In memory of the Jews of Brno


Atzei Chayim - Trees of Life ($1000+)


The Arnold/Monat Family

Jenifer and Jay Kowal

Janice and Tal Schierau

Susan and Mark Wolpert, In memory of Allan Kudlats and Maurice Wolpert

Karen Hecker & Jamie Sherman, In memory of Jamie's parents,Cy & Grace Sherman

and in memory of Karen's father, Harvey Hecker.

Dan & Betty Mair, in memory of Dan's father, Berel Mair.


Machazikim - Those Who Hold Fast to Torah ($540+)

Wayne Haymer

Kathy and Barry Stein


Soferim - Scribes ($72+)

Dino Accettone

Rachel Adelson and Alan Breznick, In memory of our grandparents

Iris and Gerald Epstein, In honour of Rabbi Streiffer and Dawn Bernstein

Paula and Aviv Haras, In honour of Ricu and Sanda Haras

Ron Gordon, In memory of Estelle Gordon

Jeff Hohenkerk, In honour of Tamara and Arielle

Eva Kay, In memory of Rachel Bernstein

Eva & Marleine Kay and Alan Levin, in honour of Eva Kay's 88th Birthday, in memory of Rachel & Max Bernstein, in memory of Cecil Levin and Carly Levin.

Eve and Nathan Lipsyc, In memory of Myra Kates and Mary Lipsyc

Betty and Dan Mair, In memory of Berel Mair

Lisa Marcovici, In memory of Anna Marcovici

Carson Phillips

Mark and Tammy Shendroff, In memory of Mary Shendroff and Irving Copeland

Caryn and Shimmy Silver

Celia Stein, In memory of Irving Stein

Celia Stein, In memory of Marlene Gotlib

Shoshana and Micah Streiffer, In honour of Jeremiah, Noam, and Yair

Dean and Brian Stutz

The Weiner Family

Craig Wolkoff, In honour of Beryle and Ruth Wolkoff

Rachel Wolkoff, In honour of Bailey, Sophie, and Matthew Wolkoff

Shelley Yampolsky, In memory of Molye and Frank Yampolsky

Sandee & Ann Sharpe

Gary & Heather Slapack, in memory of Beverly Schwartz

Sheri Epstein & Jonathan Zweig, in honour of Zara and Jorey

Susan & Myron Kaminsky, in memory of Marlene Gotlib

Jerry & Joy Bernstein

Council of Jewish Women

Yulia & Yoseph Sharivker

Jane & Arthur Kalpan, in memory of Marlene Gotlib


Tomchim - Supporters ($18+)

Amek and Ruth Adler, In memory of our parents

Dawn and Barry Bernstein, In memory of Goldy Brock

Andrea Daiam and Fabian Levy-Hara

Lynda and Ralph Levenstein

Rabbi Jerry Steinberg

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