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What is Judaism?

  • Judaism is an ancient way of life that is renewed in every generation.
  • Judaism is a rewarding religious path that embraces questioning, critical thinking, and life-long learning.
  • Judaism is built on the cornerstones of peoplehood, family, and tradition.

Conversion to Judaism is a fulfilling spiritual choice for those who are moved to join Am Yisrael - the People of Israel. The process involves studying the tenets and traditions of Judaism, becoming involved in the synagogue, and working with a rabbi to build a Jewish life.
Kol Ami participates, together with all of the Reform congregations in the Toronto area, in the Jewish Information Class (JIC) run by the Reform movement. Through JIC, potential Jews-by-Choice have the opportunity to learn about Jewish history, culture, beliefs, and spirituality, and to learn to read Hebrew. At the same time, conversion students are welcomed into the congregation and introduced to all aspects of Jewish communal life, particularly worship and study of Torah. 
Our conversion candidates work closely with Rabbi Cohen, meeting on an ongoing basis to discuss their spiritual journey and their deepening Jewish knowledge. At the time of conversion, they are warmly embraced by the congregation as members of the Jewish people.
Please contact
Rabbi Lori Cohen for more information about conversion to Judaism.

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784