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Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook


We are the Religious School of the Reform Congregation Kol Ami. We offer inclusive Jewish education including a foundation in Hebrew Language. We provide a fun, quality liberal education to children 3- 18 years old. Our mission is to help our students develop their Jewish identity and to establish lasting connections to Kol Ami and to K’lal Yisrael.

First Day of Religious School is Sat, Sept 10, 2016

Grades JK-10

9:00am – Students and Parents meet in Sanctuary

First Day of Hebrew School is Wed, Sept 14, 2016, 5:30pm

Grades 3-6

Table of Contents

How To Reach Us (Contact Information)........................................ 1

Program Times.................................................................................... 2

Our Staff!............................................................................................... 2

Youth Programs................................................................................... 3

Saturday Schedule............................................................................... 4

Wednesday Schedule.......................................................................... 4

School Policies and Procedures......................................................... 5

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Hebrew Reading Program - Wednesday.......................................... 8

Post-B’nai Mitzvah Programs........................................................... 10


How To Reach Us (Contact Information)

School Phone Number
905-709-2620 ext. 4


Calls During School Hours

(Saturday and Wednesdays)

416 841 3539


Rabbi Micah Streiffer


EX 1

Director of Education

Judy Silver


EX 4



Joanne Shinwell


EX 3

Temple President

Mark Wolpert

416 768 1611



With Judy:

Judy’s office hours are Mon 12:00- 4:00 pm , Wednesdays 11:00- 8:00 pm

With Teachers:

Please make sure the teacher has your updated contact information. If you wish to contact a teacher, please call the Temple Kol Ami office.


Program Times

Day of the Week

Grade Level




Gan- Grade 10


9:00am -12:30pm



Grade 3- 6- Hebrew


5:30pm to 5:50-

Pre-ordered Pizza dinner & Snack Shack

5:50- 7:30 - Classes


Emergency School Closing or Snow Days-

Please call the Temple Kol Ami Office to 905 709 2620 ext. 4 and listen to the recording. Check Kol Ami’s website for updates.

Our Staff!

Mathew Zoltak Gan- Room 204

Lauren Bernstein- 1-2 – Room 203

Ronit Baran–3/Hebrew/Hebrew through Movement - Room 202

Kali Singer 4/Hebrew/TICKY advisor - Room 214

Aiden Orzech- 5  - Room 217

Ally Saks- 6 - Room 218

Shoshi Streiffer – Madrichim Educator - Room 205

Music Rm - 208

Donna Robins – Family Ed,

Teacher Education, Hebrew Through Movement - Room 206

Deborah Blay -Student Support Coordinator - Room 201

Zoey Schwartz Student Support assistant - Room  201

Lois- Head Office Support

LBDS Office and everywhere



Aron Katz- Hebrew/TAKAY advisor - Room 217

Racheli Bachar – Conversational Hebrew - Room218

Rabbi Streiffer- Rabbi

Kol Ami Office- Weekdays- not in Tuesdays


Youth Programs

TICKY 34- Kol Atid (Grades 3-4)

TICKY 567- Junior Youth Group (Grades 5,6 and 7)

Aiden Orzech is the Junior Youth Group advisor. He will be in touch with parents and students in regards to upcoming events and programs! To contact Aiden, please call the Kol Ami office. 905 709 2620 Ext. 4 to leave a message.


Aron Katz is our Senior Youth Group advisor. TAKAY is part of the Reform Youth Movement (NFTY) and in the NFTY-Nel region. He can be reached at:


TICKY, TAKAY events and Regional events occur throughout the year. Please consult the Kol Ami calendar at our website for dates and times. Individual calendars will be available for youth group members.

School Policies and Procedures



Saturday: Main LBDS entrance (South side)

Wednesday: Kol Ami entrance (North side)
Please arrive on time!!!

In addition we have heard from you how important it is that we deliver an educationally driven program… We pack a lot into our time with your child so please ensure that they are ready to go at the start of program. That means 9 am/5:30 pm SHARP J



Early Departure - Students

The school day ends at 12:30 following SFT

If early dismissal is required, the following procedure ensures the safety of our students:

  1. A written note from parents/guardian must accompany the student to the class.
  2. Please make sure to indicate who will pick up the student, especially if it is not a parent.
  3. The teachers will send this information to the office and a record of early departure will be made.
  4. We will send the student to the office with a madrich/a when it is time to leave school to meet the parent/guardian who is picking them up.


please do not go to the classroom, sanctuary or chapel yourself for early pick up. Wait at the main office and your child will be accompanied by a madrich/madricha or teacher.


Our Admin team and teachers will take attendance each session. Frequent and/or patterned absences are tracked. We encourage and expect full participation in all of our programs. Poor attendance may affect your child’s ability to progress successfully through our program. We ask that you refrain from booking appointments and programs whenever possible during program times. If at all possible, please let us know, by phone, e-mail or a written note if your children will miss class for any reason. A postcard will be sent home when 2 absences occur in a row with a reminder of what was missed. Follow up phone calls will be made if there is a pattern of frequent absences.


Please ensure that snacks do not contain any of the following products: lard, shellfish or meat products. This is in accordance with building policy and the laws Kashrut.

In addition we have participants with severe nut allergies - we cannot permit any snacks that may contain nuts & their by-products or those products with nut oils, into the building at any time.

If you are sending food items to school, please check with the classroom teacher to see if there are any other food allergies in your child’s class group.

SFT - Shabbat Family T’fillah – 12:00 in the Chapel

We ask that all parents join us in the Chapel for this important time of T’fillah. Your child(ren) will be sitting with their class or they may sit next to you. Please arrive on time, find a seat and enjoy this half hour of prayer and song with your family.

Collection and Release of Information

Information is collected pursuant to the Education Act. Limited information may be disclosed beyond the scope of Kol Ami. This may include the release of students’ names, ages and grades, photographs, artwork, writing or other school related work to the media for publicity, displays, newsletters, etc. If you do not consent to the release of information, please inform the Director of Education in writing.

Behaviour Policy

If a teacher finds that a student is consistently unable to behave with derekh eretz, and according to the rules of the classroom (e.g. disrupting the learning environment), the teacher will respond to small matters in class.

If the student shows disrespect to the degree that the learning process cannot proceed, that student will be sent to the office to talk with the Director of Education. Parents will always be informed when their child is sent to the office. In discussion with the student and the parents, the Director will decide on appropriate recourse for dealing with the student’s misbehavior. If a student is sent to the office frequently, parents and child will be asked to meet with the director and teacher. The student will not be able to return to class until a plan is in place.

Jewnior Games.

Throughout the year, we will once again be hosting “Jewnior Games” in our classrooms to enhance our curriculum. Every program has both a learning goal and entertainment component that is geared to the ages of the students and a great way to learn more about Judaism!

Taste of Kol Ami

Non-members can register for 4 consecutive weeks during the school year for a “taste” of our school at a cost of 36.00 per student. Please spread the word if you have family or friends who might be interested in this program!

Overview- Curriculum across the grades – Year 1



Core Yr. 1

G'milut Chasadim Yr 1






Jk-K (Gan)

My Jewish Home

Jewish and Me Mitzvot

My Two Countries





Grade 1/2

Jewish Heroes in B’reishit

Mensches in Training- Personal Acts of G’milut Chasadim-

Trees and Food of Israel





Grade 3

Jewish Life Cycle

Acts of Holiness (Vayikra)

Important Places in Israel

The Map





Grade 4

Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and the B’rit (Concepts from Numbers and Deuteronomy

The Jewish Community

How the holidays are celebrated in Israel





Grade 5

History of the Jews

G’milut Chasadim

Family and Friends

Israel and Technology




Grade 6

Early Zionists

Shoah/Modern Israel

Artzeinu – Modern Israel




Hebrew Reading Program - Wednesday



Students proceed through the program individually at their own rate, with the teachers assisting the students. We have 7 levels of the Hebrew program. Level 1 focuses on Letter/sound identification. Level 2 on vowel sound recognition and merging the letter sounds and vowels together. Level 3 introduces prayer reading skills and cursive writing, Level 4 introduces simple grammar through modern Hebrew stories as well as individual prayer practice. Levels 5, 6 and 7 continue with Modern Hebrew stories, grammar and dialogue.

NEW THIS YEAR! CONVERSATIONAL HEBREW WITH RACHELI BACHAR! Our Level 6 and 7 students will have Conversational classes with Racheli.

Each student has a folder with their names and the pages they are working on. Their pages will stay at school in a file. They can access these files on Wednesdays and Saturdays if necessary. Students read, can practice with each other or with the teacher or Madrichim. They will be assessed throughout the level work to determine their skills and abilities.

We will have a centralized gathering of tracking each student as they progress through the levels. We will have a baseline assessment to place the students in their initial level, a midterm assessment and final assessment that will be shared with the parents.

Assessment for moving to the next level

In order to move to a next level, the director must first assess the student. After it is determined that the student is ready to move to the following level, we will send the reading page home along with a form for the parents to sign. The student will be asked to read the page aloud to their parents, have them sign the page and return it. We will then advance the student to the next level. The student will be awarded with a certificate and small gift from Kol Ami when they advance a level.


The Hebrew Reading Texts


Gan- Hebrew Through Movement and Introduction to Hebrew letters– Junior Level

Grade 1-2 – Ready Set Aleph Bet and HebrewThrough Movement – Junior Level

Grade 3 and up

Level 1 Introductory/Review of the letters

Level 2- Our series of 8 reading booklets – Introduction of the vowels and blending with letters

Level 3 – Hebrew Reading Refresher and Handwriting Without Tears – (Hebrew Script)

Level 4- Shalom Ivrit/Hineini Prayer series

Levels 5, 6 & 7- Let’s Talk I and II, Shalom Ivrit, Conversational

All Levels- Hebrew Through Movement



T’fillah will be introduced in individual booklets in Level 4. We will also explore individual prayers as a group to discover the meaning behind the prayers. The last half hour of Hebrew school will be in the main sanctuary with the Rabbi leading T’fillah. The students will sit by grade level and will be using Mishkan T’fillah. There will be opportunities for student/grade lead prayers, explanation, stories, etc. The students will be dismissed from the Sanctuary.

Grade 6 will be starting training in Torah Trope in pre-B’nai Mitzvah prep.


Proficiency in reading the prayers

An understanding of the meaning of the prayer

Discover and recognize the roots that are common to prayer vocabulary

Resources: Hineni Prayer booklets
Derech Hochmah – Prayer Reading Skills

Hebrew Reading Refresher
Mishkan T’fillah
Tutorworks Reading Program
Ten Minute Hebrew Reader Books


Modern Vocabulary will be introduced to the students throughout their day and reviewed during the second block of time with their homeroom teacher and grade. Picture Dictionaries, games, puzzles and activities will reinforce vocabulary that will be introduced throughout the school year.

Hebrew Through Movement

  1. through Movement,” is a program in which students learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to Hebrew commands. It starts with a foundation in modern, spoken Hebrew but has as its goal making the prayers in our siddur, as well as synagogue and Jewish vocabulary, more easily accessible as it introduces Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way.
    Hebrew through Movement will be a weekly addition to our program.


Student Led Conferences

October 26 and Mar 8

In lieu of classes, we will ask the parents to come in and the students guide them through their folders, read to them and engage the parents in an activity. Parents will have the opportunity to talk to the teacher and find out more about the program.

Dinner and Snack Bar - 5:30- 5:50


Cheese Pizza There is “opt-in” for Pizza Dinner, which was ordered and pre-paid at the time of school registration. We will be setting up a classroom for Pizza and Snack Bar in room 216 for all the grades. We will have a list of those who are registered for Pizza.


  1. and Snack Bar will be closed at 5:50 and classes will start at that time. Students eat in their grade classrooms and can start Hebrew review and activities prior to Reading Level sessions that start promptly at 5:50.


Snack Bar

Each student will have the option of purchasing a snack card (that will stay with us) for 5.00 for 11 snacks, or pay .50 cash per snack. All snacks are Peanut Free, and follow our kashrut policy. We will not give out IOUs.


Water pitchers and cups will be available to all the students with an eye towards our “Green” initiative.


Post-B’nai Mitzvah Programs

Madrichim Program – Grades 8-10

Our Madrichim will enjoy time in their assigned classrooms, working with our teachers to guide and teach our younger students. Madrichim will also have the opportunity to learn about their Judaism and socialize with their peers.

Grade 8 & 9 will learn more about Israel, Prayer, Ritual and Torah through the Liberal Jewish lens.

Grade 10 students will delve into their personal beliefs about God, Judaism and Israel. They will also study with Rabbi Streiffer as they prepare for their Confirmation service on

Tuesday May 30, 2017


GRADES 11-12 – Student Teachers


Our Grade 11 and 12 students will be assigned to a class and in a paid position to work alongside with the host teacher to guide and teach our students.

Monday, May 29 2017 4 Sivan 5777